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About DFW Tailhookers association


DFW Tailhookers Association

  • The purposes of this association of veterans of the Armed Forces of the US, specifically veterans of Navy or Marine Corps Aviation Squadrons is:

  • To support philanthropic organizations in the DFW Tailhookers area that support or educate individuals about Navy or Marine Corps aviation.  This includes support of aviation museums that maintain and display Navy or Marine aircraft. 

  • To sponsor social events of Navy and Marine Corps aviation fellowship where the history and future of Navy and Marine Corps aviation is discusse



  1. Membership in DFW Tailhookers  Association  is open to all former officers or enlisted persons who, at any time, served a tour of duty in a Navy or Marine Aviation Squadron.  This includes former aircrew members, as well as past maintainers, ordnance and admin personnel.

  • The majority of our members  served in A-6 Intruder Squadrons.  However, DFW Tailhookers also  has members who served in Attack A-7, Fighter F-8/ F-4/F-14, Electronic Warfare A-3/EA-6B, and Antisubmarine Warfare S-2/P-3 squadrons.


  • DFW Tailhookers  Association was certified effective September 20, 2018, by the Texas Secretary of State as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation conforming to the applicable provisions of law.  

  • On September 28, 2018, the Association was determined by the IRS to be exempt from federal income tax under IRS Code (IRC) Section 501(c)3 effective September 20, 2018. Donors can deduct contributions they make to the Association under IRC Section 170.

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